DNS Spoofing, something you need to be aware and abstain from

pharming-worksI have been blogging since three years and my blog used to receive pretty good traffic, also giving me an opportunity to generate decent income through Ads. Few months ago, I had this strange experience of server unavailability and thought to buy more bandwidth to serve the unexpected traffic. I was wrong actually, I came to know, that wasn’t a genuine traffic flood, instead a UDP flooding, I also started seeing unauthorized pop ups which sported vulgar content. That was all new to me and I was in shock, my genuine followers were not regular and it started affecting my revenue.

What happened? My website was compromised, it was hacked. I am not much of a technical ninja, knowing something about security is different but experimenting with the security is different, just like trying it out. I wasn’t in that category so I had no idea what to do; my hosting advisor gave no different advice, asked me to sign up with some of the well known service providers to protect my website. After a round of counseling, I was able to breathe afresh. I will tell you that in the later part.

DNS spoofing is nothing but manipulating the Domain name server with malicious codes to divert the traffic and make it unavailable to the genuine users. This makes your website fall short of resources to serve your customers, most dangerous thing is losing the confidential data to the hackers, and once it is hacked invaders will have last laugh. If you are new to the terms, DNS is nothing but the place where your data related to the website domain are stored, it sets up a numerical number to the domain you have registered and that number is well known as IP address. You need not to memorize the IP address but you can just reach it with the domain name, thanks to DNS system. But it is hard to go easy when you understand it got loopholes and data stored in it is vulnerable, is easily accessed by the hackers.

There is always a reverse dimension for any technology and it is not it’s fault either. If you have a website, you need to protect yourself rather than expecting everything around to be in place and perfect. This is what exactly happened in my case, now I understand the importance of being in secured zone.

What hackers do is to divert the genuine traffic of your website to another website and prove your non-existence. You don’t exist at all? Wonder what, hackers change the cache data and server will prompt it. Whenever any visitor visits your website, he is redirected to another website which is configured by the hackers. This manipulated process is also called as DNS poisoning or spoofing, you will have to struggle to get gain normal status. There have been many security measures adopted by the authority but unfortunate that hackers are way ahead of the authoritative measures. I came across Defencely when I got hacked and was looking best security provider. I was surprised to see unexpected and better performance by the Defencely, it also fixed the loopholes. Service so far has been promising and I continue to use the service, you will realize this when you gaze into the reports and analysis provided by them. I need not to worry for not being technician but happy I found something to protect me.

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